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"Plant Seeds of Joy, Peace, Laughter and

your Garden of Love will Glow in Full


We welcome you to our beautiful haven where a unique array of nourishments for your body, mind, heart and spirit will take you to the wonders of a promising transformative journey, infusing new levels of well being, inner peace, causeless joy & love!

Our nourishment offerings & healing services are designed and brought to you with Love. in-spirit-ed by the highest teachings we were entrusted and graced with. We are delighted to guide you in the discovery of a happier and more radiant you.

Our Team is holding great visions for the World we live in to withhold/vibrate the consciousness of unity, equality, peace and unconditionality for all living beings.

In Loving Service,

The StarSeeds Team &

Jayde Lucia Piot - Founder

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